Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Masters of Business is business networking group which strives promote high ethical standards and business practice. Members are expected to be open and honest and ensure that all business dealings are transparent and declared to promote the revenue share concept.

Members are to abide by the standards highlighted in this code and a duty of good faith is expected.
Directors and the Executive team will ensure that members abide by the code of conduct and high ethical standards. Not abiding by the standards will can result in suspension and losing the rights to attend meetings.

Masters of Business Code of Conduct:
The code is a general code and business dealings should be conducted with adherence to the principles below.


As a member you agree to undertake your  business transactions in an ethical and honest manner. You agree that quotes and estimates given for your products and services will be adhered to, with the highest standards required by your industry. You will abide by all of your relevant industry compliance and law and act with integrity.

As a member you agree that you will follow up on any referral passed to you by other members and record these in the cloud, under the Masters Of Business system and login provided to you.



  1. Only one person/entity from each professional classification/areas of expertise is allowed to join a Masters of Business Group. The executive team will have the final decision in resolving disputes that arise.2. Members must represent their primary occupation/area of expertise, not a part-time business or multiple businesses.

    3. The weekly meetings last for 60 minutes.

    4. A Masters of Business member can only be a member of one business group at a time unless they have obtained approval from the executive team.

    5. In order to ensure that the group functions attendance is critical. If for some reason a member cannot attend they may send a substitute to the meeting. It will not count as an absence if a substitute is sent. However, if no substitute is sent an absence will be recorded, a maximum of 2 absences is allowed every 4 months, if there are more than 2 absences over the 4 months then the executive team will make a decision on the member’s membership.

    6.It is a requirement that members help each other to generate referrals and invite visitors to meetings, individual groups can set minimum requirements which are to be approved by the executive team.

    7. Visitors are permitted to attend twice before they will have to become a registered member.

    8. If a visitor signs up then the member who introduced the visitor will receive a $49.00 finders fee.

    9. There are no leaves periods or holiday periods except for medical leaves. A member may take up to eight weeks’ medical leave with the Executive team’s prior approval. If a member does not attend and the membership is terminated there is to be no refund of fees or any amount which is due over the 12-month term. A refund may be approved for the monthly membership fees by the Executive team.

    10. It is the member’s responsibility to raise an issue with the Executive team if a visitor “submits an application which encroaches on the existing member’s area of expertise/classification” This should be done before the visitor is approved to become a Masters of Business member.

    11. Members who wish to change their classification must submit a request to the executive team, once the request is received the team will make a determination on whether the request to change classification is approved.

  2. Transferring members must submit a new member application to the new group they are seeking approval to join. If there are no issues raised, then the membership will be approved. If there is an issue raised, then the Executive team will make a determination on resolving the issue.13. In case of problems/complaints relating to a member, the Executive team may, at their sole discretion, put a member on probation, issue a warning or terminate the membership without fees or payments due being refunded. The Executive team may also question the member’s business practices if necessary.

    14. A membership can be cancelled for non-compliance with the policies and terms, notice of cancellation must be given in writing.

    15. Policies are subject to change at any time and it is the member’s obligation to familiarise themselves with any changes by checking the website.

  3. All members must be appropriately qualified to represent their areas business, from time to time Masters of Business may require proof and may enquire as to whether the member is qualified and entitled to practice in their respect area.


  1. There is an initial registration fee of $199 and a monthly fee of $40 which is payable.
  2. Membership fees are payable within 7 days of signing and submitting the application forms. If fees are not paid within this timeframe the member will not be allowed to continue attending until the fees have been paid.3. Fees are non-refundable, inclusive of the monthly fees. The member will be liable to pay the monthly fee until the renewal date of the membership unless the member pays the cancellation fee. The Executive team may approve refunds at their sole discretion.
  3. Fees cannot be transferred from one member to another.




Program Guidelines are not policies, but are recommended practices that allow Masters of Business groups to run in a more effective manner.

Visiting members:

  1. A visiting member must introduce themselves and also state which group they belong and their area of expertise.2. Visiting members must not act in a way that encroaches on another member’s area of expertise in the group and must not interfere with possible referrals that the other member may receive.

    3. Members should be cautious in giving referrals to people they don’t know, including visiting members.


  1. A visiting member should not receive a referral until they have become a member with that specific group.ABSENCES AND TARDINESS:
    Absences and tardiness mean less business for members as well as disruptions for group meetings; therefore, the Executive team may give warnings to members who are consistently late or leave early. If the problem continues, the membership may be cancelled.